Find a Provider

Noble Health Alliance health system member employees can use this page to find physicians and facilities from their own health system or any of the other Noble Health Alliance health systems.

This directory is updated weekly. If you don't see your doctor here, please contact your doctor's office to inquire about his or her status in the Noble network.

This directory includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers, and is the only directory of participating Noble physicians. 

Tier 1 Defined

A physician is considered "Tier 1" when he or she is affiliated with the health system where you work. Tier 1 providers can be accessed at the lowest level of co-pay.

Tier 2 Defined

A physician is considered "Tier 2" when he or she is affiliated with any of the other Noble member health systems (not where you work). Tier 2 providers can be accessed at a discounted level of co-pay.

This directory does not include information about Tier 3 physicians (those not associated with a Noble member health system, but who participate in the Independence Blue Cross network) or Tier 4 physicians (those not affiliated with either Noble or Independence Blue Cross).

Information about Tier 3 providers is available on the Independence Blue Cross online directory.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a free service to Noble member health system employees to help you navigate any healthcare or insurance-related issues.

You can use Health Advocate to schedule a doctors appointment, understand coverage or claim issues, get services for certain family members, navigate serious illness, and more!

For more information, call Health Advocate at 866-695-8622 or visit the special Health Advocate web page for Noble Health Alliance member health system employees.