• Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

While you plan your trip and pack your bags, make sure you also visit your Noble Health Alliance travel medicine specialist. Dangerous diseases can happen anywhere – regardless of your accommodations. They can pose a risk to your health and easily interrupt your travel plans. It’s best to schedule your appointment at least one month before you depart.

Board-certified infectious disease physicians with Noble Health Alliance keep a close eye on disease outbreaks around the world. They also provide advice for managing that you can use until your return.

Savvy traveling starts with planning ahead

Preparing yourself with solid information is your best defense against illness while you roam. Whether you're vacationing, studying abroad or traveling on business, be prepared before you leave with travel medicine services:

  • Necessary immunizations, including yellow fever vaccinations
  • Pre-travel counseling with your physician
  • Malaria prevention medications
  • Preventive medication for other illnesses
  • Water and food safety advice
  • Infection mitigation or minimization
  • Traveler's diarrhea prevention and treatment options
  • High-altitude travel tips and medication
  • Motion sickness management 

Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a free service to Noble member health system employees to help you navigate any healthcare or insurance-related issues.

You can use Health Advocate to schedule a doctors appointment, understand coverage or claim issues, get services for certain family members, navigate serious illness, and more!

For more information, call Health Advocate at 866-695-8622 or visit the special Health Advocate web page for Noble Health Alliance member health system employees.

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